For the last edition – Fourplay presents NOW – playwrights were challenged to write a 20-minute play using no more or less than the four props provided to them by us. This time, we want you to provide them.

What we are looking for is four physical abstract objects, hand crafted by you the artist or artisan.

Texture, colour, weight, space: we are looking for four contrasting objects which are usable on-stage. The selection could be anything provided it is 3 dimensional: sculpture, appliance, instrument, structure, helmet, etc.

These will be the props interpreted by our playwrights, whose original English-language plays will be performed three times each in late May 2016.

If you have an idea for something you would like to make (or have already made), let us know what it is by emailing a photo, a pitch or a sketch, and some examples of your existing work to before 20th February 2016. 

At the beginning of March we will unveil these four objects to potential playwrights in an online (and hopefully physical) exhibition. Writers will then have a matter of weeks to submit a pitch, and once we have selected four pieces to be performed, they will have just over a month to rehearse their shows. Fourplay presents THEM will take place between 20th and 21st May 2016.


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