For the last edition – Fourplay presents THEM – playwrights were challenged to write a 20-minute play using no more or less than the four props provided to them by visual and conceptual artists and artisans.

This time we want the stimulus to be music.

We are looking for four original, instrumental compositions between two and four minutes in length that will work together to provide the soundtrack to the performances. Playwrights will be allowed to use either a segment of the music or the entire length of the track, but will have to use all four pieces in their play.

The compositions will be chosen by how they compliment one another. They are not limited by genre or style: we are looking for four interesting, inspiring pieces of music that mesh well together to be interpreted by playwrights.

To submit a piece of music or to ask any questions, email

The submissions deadline is 24th December 2016.

We will unveil the music online shortly after selecting the final four pieces. Writers will then have a matter of weeks to submit a pitch, and once we have selected four plays to be performed, they will have just over a month to rehearse their shows. Fourplay presents TIDE will take place in Paris between 21st and 22nd April 2017.



This year has gone by in the blink of an eye for us. We are hugely excited by the prospect of the third edition of Fourplay and have been talking about it since before the last one was even over, but as many of you have noticed, we’ve not made any progress on it yet. 

For various logistical and technical reasons, we have officially decided to not put on the third edition of Fourplay in December, but instead take more time to work on it and produce the best quality festival we can by spring 2017. 

One of the problems we’ve encountered over the last couple of weeks is a needless complication with the website (as you can see we’re back to our Tumblr URL), the domain name of which is temporarily “locked” and we’re being told to pay a ridiculous amount to get it back. And we want to make a proper website, one that will do justice to all of the brilliant artists and actors that we’ve worked with over the last 12 months. 

In order to get all of this dealt with to the level of professionalism we want, and in a way that will benefit everybody who wants to be involved in the next edition, we’re going to host a fundraiser in December with a view to having all the technical problems sorted by January. 

In the meantime, though, we are going to begin preparation for the next edition, which this time will be centred around music. The theme is TIDE. Our call to musicians will be launching by the end of the week with another piece of fantastic artwork, this time by illustrator Harriet Bruce. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Fourplay presents TIDE. 

Thanks for baring with us.