For the last edition – Fourplay presents TIDE – playwrights were challenged to write a 20-minute play incorporating all four pieces of music provided as the soundtrack by artists from around the world. 

This time we want the stimulus to be film.

We are looking for four original 15-second clips to inspire playwrights for the upcoming edition of Fourplay. These clips can either be taken from longer pieces of original work, or made exclusively for the festival. With each clip, we are looking for either an action or an atmosphere that will be recreated in each play. ## For example, if a clip features a person taking a sip of wine, then a character in every play must mirror this action on stage. If a clip is of rain through a window, there must be a scene in the play featuring rain through a window. ##

The clips will be chosen by how they compliment one another. They are not limited by genre or style: we are looking for four interesting, inspiring pieces of film to be interpreted by playwrights.

To submit a 15-second clip, or to ask any questions, email 

The submissions deadline is 15th April 2018.

We will unveil the clips online shortly after selecting the final four pieces. Writers will then have a matter of weeks to submit a pitch, and once we have selected four plays to be performed, they will have just over a month to rehearse their shows. Fourplay presents WHOLE will take place in Paris in June. 


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