Submissions for Fourplay presents WHOLE are now open!

Between 8th and 9th June, four new plays will be performed at a secret location in Paris. Each play will have been inspired specifically by the four short film clips below that have been submitted to us by filmmakers from all over the world. These clips can be interpreted in any way the playwrights choose.

Submission guidelines:

1. Send a pitch only of roughly 600 words describing the plot and genre of the play, details of characters, what stage elements/props you might need, and details of how you have been inspired by the films.
2. Your pitch must clearly explain how each video clip will be interpreted in your script. The videos will not be projected onto the stage. The scripts must reflect either a specific action or the general atmosphere of EVERY video.
3. Plays must be on the theme “WHOLE”.
4. Plays can only be a maximum of 20 minutes from start to finish.
5. Plays can have up to 4 characters.
6. The stage elements are limited to 4 props, of the playwrights’ choosing.
7. Costume is limited to black clothing and accessories to denote character.
8. The stage will have a very basic light set-up.
9. The stage will be approx. 3.5m (width) x 2m (depth).
10. The plays will be performed in Paris, but submissions are not limited to Paris-based writers.

Send all questions and pitches to before 4th MAY 2018.


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